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Lushan is the tour scenic area and summer resorts in times gone by, the guest house industry is flourishing. There are each kind of guest houses in Jiujiang City at the side of Lushan, every kind from luxury to the low file is supplied here...

Travel guide of Lushan

Lushan of" a mountain flies to the big river side" rises straight from the ground, stands in the south shore of Yangtze River, the mountain power hunches up only, does not depend on alongside. The whole mountain body presents the kidney form...

Lushan Overview

Lu Mountain locates in the north of Chinese Jiangxi Province, E11552'to 11608'and N2926'to 2941', the area is 302 square kilometers, the area of the outer circle protection district is 500 square kilometers...

Lushan Cuisine

Lushansanshi of Lushan can be are rare delicacies of world, they point to Lushanshiji, Lushanshiyu and Lushanshier respectively. It is expensive to eat these things in Lushan. The Jinzhou Wine Building is the biggest wine reserant of Lushan...

Lushan Hotels List:
  ♦ Lushan Taiji Hotel
  ♦ Mount Lu Yi Yuan Resort Villa
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